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Clarity of Mind Meditation


I was looking out the window at the rain pouring down and immediately grabbed a sweater, pulled on my Uggs and turned up the heater. I didn’t have time to think about it. It was the obvious choice in the situation. I knew it and I took immediate appropriate action, a no-brainer on my part. Now when a bigger play in life’s decisions happen, like between do I stay with my current job or take a risk and move on, that decision gets seriously stressful and time consuming. As I ponder the situation and view all the alternative scenarios in my mind, I suddenly get confused, hit stalemate, procrastinate and do nothing. I stay in the same job until this scenario of, “Do I stay with my current job that I do not like or take a risk and move on?” plays on into infinity and beyond. It is a given that this life decision is much more complicated than just keeping myself warm, but wouldn’t it be nice if I had a tool to help me have clarity of mind?

How do I find that clarity of mind to make the right decision? I find that this simple clarity of mind meditation is very helpful. First of all, I remember that I am not alone in this situation and that there have been many people before me who have made it thru to the other side and chose wisely. This gives me confidence that I am actually capable of making a right decision.

I become aware of fear, procrastination, and all negative thinking in general and stop what I am doing.

I take a few deep breaths in thru my nose for the count of three and let out thru my mouth for the count of four,  I close my eyes, and I center myself while focusing on the breath. I let go with each breath.

I then focus on the question and actually ask it either in my mind or say it out loud. “Should I stay with my current job or take a risk and move on?”

I then proceed to listen. The meditation is simple. I don’t ask anymore questions and I let all the thoughts and pictures of my mind float by like an observer to it all. I listen again and become more quiet, like a still pond of water.

During the process of meditation, I turn off my thinking like turning off a light switch and immediately switch on the receiving clarity of mind switch.

I assume that I will receive the right answer to my question. I always do.

I know when I have found my clarity of mind to make the right decision because it feels good, it feels right deep in my gut, like a sense of knowing.

I give thanks for clarity of mind.

I open my eyes.

This is like exercising a clarity of mind muscle and it just takes practice for the process to quicken.

Esoteric Mysteries of Life



I was asked today why I chose
“Esoteric University” for the name of my online mystery school?

The word itself has a degree of mystery to it, wouldn’t you agree?


*Meaning  taken from Freedom dictionary




a. Intended for or understood by only a small group, especially one with specialized knowledge or interests: an esoteric philosophical doctrine. See Synonyms at mysterious.
b. Relating to or being a small group with specialized knowledge or interests: an esoteric circle.
2. Not known by or suitable for the public; private: Few understood the celebrity’s esoteric side.

1. One that is esoteric.
2. esoterics Esoteric matters; esoter
After having my near death experience in 1989 and being opened up to new ideas and thoughts about unconditional love, mind and soul’s connection in relationship to myself,  the Earth and the Cosmos, I became a seeker of esoteric truths and traveled the world. I attended many seminars, workshops and spiritual trainings with a diversity of teaching principles,  in order to seek out what love and spirit were truly all about. The world had so much too offer. Over the many years, I had a marvelous time, growing and changing and met some pretty amazing teachers and healers from around the world. Becoming a spiritual teacher and healer myself for over twenty years,  I thought it was high time that esoteric wisdom gathered from around the world should be not only exposed to the general public but made easily accessible for those who were interested in learning in becoming more spiritually awake and or turn on and use their psychic abilities.
My vision for Esoteric University is to continuously  maintain and create a sacred space, holy space, a vessel, a chalice, so to speak, where students without any previous experience necessary, gather with other students to be taught by world class teachers and healers. The Esoteric University staff would teach only what they were most passionate about spiritually. Esoteric University was born for the general everyday workingman/woman who was interested in learning diverse thought provoking ideas and wisdom, about who we really are, why we are here and manifesting our highest destiny for ourselves, therefore our communities, country, Earth and the Cosmos. No secret hand shakes necessary, (although that sounds like fun), no special clothing to wear,(although ceremonial robes are optional),we are a “come as you are” easy going kind of online university. We help you obtain daily working tools that will help make life a little bit easier in this world if you are a sensitive being. You don’t have to profess to a certain dogma or have any religious background, be an ancestor of a certain bloodline lineage,  or be rich and famous to attend our online classes.
Esoteric Knowledge made known to the world with easy access through online classes at Esoteric University.
We offer two Online Course Certification Programs:
I Can See My House From Here!

I Can See My House From Here!

We offer two Online Course Certification Programs:

Psychic Awareness and Development Certificate Program

Professional Psychic Enrichment Program * Must have previously graduated from Psychic Awareness and Development Course in order to attend

You can also take individual classes at any time