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Stop Striving and Open to Blessings All Around Me

Well, I woke up this morning. Gave thanks for another day and all the blessings in my life including my little dog, Cosmo, the sun shining thru the window, the smell of organic coffee brewing and a great outward breath of having to achieve today. All of my goals from yesterday’s list that I did not achieve, I grabbed from my desk and simply set on fire while throwing it into the outdoor fire pit. No list of achievement today, thank you very much. Today I was going to simply breathe in and out and not achieve anything but instead open to all the blessings of life around me. How did that go? First off, I received a text from my publisher wondering why I had not showed up for a webinar on “How to Build an Internet Presence.” Secondly, my dear friend of many years texted me that she was on her way to Mexico to check herself into a Cancer Curing Clinic. I let go another deep breath for four counts and inhaled for three counts. I missed my Daughter in Santa Cruz with my Grandchildren, longed for my other daughter to call me instead of texting me and then I began to laugh while standing in line at a very upscale coffee house in Los Angeles, much to the amazement of the onlookers. What was she on? I had an “aha” moment and suddenly realized that my personal spiritual development for the past 30 years was a farce and needed to take a backseat to those that I loved and loved me and I truly cared about in my life. Why all the fuss about achieving something/a legacy/a personal achievement when that didn’t mean diddly squat when compared to the here and now that was fully present, omnipresent, I might add and deliciously waiting in the wings for my attention, my union, my let go into the mysteries of the unknowing and feeling open and comfortable with  all that the great mystery has to offer. Not only that, but welcome love with all my heart to all the blessings around me. So by this time, it was half past noon and I had made my way back home to my sanctuary.  So, I took my shoes off and curled my toes into the organic earth and spied a hummingbird taking a bath in the water of the spout of an Egyptian Obelisk fountain in my backyard. Tomorrow is another day, maybe then I will strive for perfection but today I will be fully present with the blessings all around

Esoteric Mysteries of Life



I was asked today why I chose
“Esoteric University” for the name of my online mystery school?

The word itself has a degree of mystery to it, wouldn’t you agree?


*Meaning  taken from Freedom dictionary




a. Intended for or understood by only a small group, especially one with specialized knowledge or interests: an esoteric philosophical doctrine. See Synonyms at mysterious.
b. Relating to or being a small group with specialized knowledge or interests: an esoteric circle.
2. Not known by or suitable for the public; private: Few understood the celebrity’s esoteric side.

1. One that is esoteric.
2. esoterics Esoteric matters; esoter
After having my near death experience in 1989 and being opened up to new ideas and thoughts about unconditional love, mind and soul’s connection in relationship to myself,  the Earth and the Cosmos, I became a seeker of esoteric truths and traveled the world. I attended many seminars, workshops and spiritual trainings with a diversity of teaching principles,  in order to seek out what love and spirit were truly all about. The world had so much too offer. Over the many years, I had a marvelous time, growing and changing and met some pretty amazing teachers and healers from around the world. Becoming a spiritual teacher and healer myself for over twenty years,  I thought it was high time that esoteric wisdom gathered from around the world should be not only exposed to the general public but made easily accessible for those who were interested in learning in becoming more spiritually awake and or turn on and use their psychic abilities.
My vision for Esoteric University is to continuously  maintain and create a sacred space, holy space, a vessel, a chalice, so to speak, where students without any previous experience necessary, gather with other students to be taught by world class teachers and healers. The Esoteric University staff would teach only what they were most passionate about spiritually. Esoteric University was born for the general everyday workingman/woman who was interested in learning diverse thought provoking ideas and wisdom, about who we really are, why we are here and manifesting our highest destiny for ourselves, therefore our communities, country, Earth and the Cosmos. No secret hand shakes necessary, (although that sounds like fun), no special clothing to wear,(although ceremonial robes are optional),we are a “come as you are” easy going kind of online university. We help you obtain daily working tools that will help make life a little bit easier in this world if you are a sensitive being. You don’t have to profess to a certain dogma or have any religious background, be an ancestor of a certain bloodline lineage,  or be rich and famous to attend our online classes.
Esoteric Knowledge made known to the world with easy access through online classes at Esoteric University.
We offer two Online Course Certification Programs:
I Can See My House From Here!

I Can See My House From Here!

We offer two Online Course Certification Programs:

Psychic Awareness and Development Certificate Program

Professional Psychic Enrichment Program * Must have previously graduated from Psychic Awareness and Development Course in order to attend

You can also take individual classes at any time